Supporting Membership

$45.00 for 1 year


Show your support for PALS’ work, even if you are not a birth doula.
Your annual contribution helps PALS remain a vital part of the birth community.
Your annual contribution entitles you to a be listed on the Supporters page of our website.

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PALS Supporting Membership is for professionals in the childbirth community wishing to support our organization who are not birth doulas Supporting Members enjoy the following  benefits:

  • Listed as Supporters on the PALS Doulas website
  • Membership pricing discount on PALS/NAPS training and events
  • Invitation to attend our monthly community gatherings/board meetings
  • Quarterly newsletter (+ 1/4 page ad space)
  • PALS discount for Simkin Center @ Bastyr training (10%)
  • PALS Doulas|Office Depot discount card (B&W copies .025 ea | color .029 each | 35% off binding/folding/cutting | in-store discounts)

This membership level does not count toward “continuous membership required to maintain certification,” for PALS certified birth doulas.