Experienced Doula Pathway Certification (Packet Only)



The Experienced Doula Certification Pathway is for doulas who have been practicing for at least five years and who have attended at least fifty births in the past five years. This pathway requires prior attendance at a PALS-approved Birth Doula Skills Workshop, but it is not required within the past four years. The membership requirement remains the same for this pathway, and the packet cost and processing fees are the same.

Contact PALS to determine if you qualify for this pathway.

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The Experienced Doula Pathway to Certification looks at the skills an experienced doula possesses and gives a modified certification process acknowledging those skills. The PALS Board feels strongly that the core of the certification process should be preserved. The resulting pathway married elements from our current certification process with elements from our recertification process. This pathway is designed to allow very experienced doulas who are seeking certification to reach that goal without starting over by attending a Birth Doula Skills Workshop.