Dual Certification + Annual Membership

$60.00 for 1 year and a $70.00 sign-up fee

The Dual Certification + Membership is $130 and includes:
• One year of PALS Doulas Membership
• Pathway to Certification: Dual Certification Packet | The Dual Certification Pathway is for doulas who are currently certified members in good standing with their organization. Applicants will be required to submit proof of current membership and certification and will also be verified with that organization as part of the process. The annual membership requirement remains the same for this pathway, and the packet cost/processing fees are the same.

Contact PALS to determine if you qualify for this pathway or check the listing of accepted organizations here: https://palsdoulas.org/certify/

First payment prorated. Next payment: February 1, 2021

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The Dual Certification + Membership is $130 and includes:
• One year of PALS Doulas Membership
• Pathway to Certification: Dual Certification Packet

This option combines both products into one purchase.
*Membership must be purchased annually while working toward and to maintain certification.

Membership grants you access to:

  • Members-only section of the PALS Doulas website
  • Notice of Membership Meetings and Advanced Doula Training/Workshops (ADT’s)
  • Discounts to PALS ADT’s and events, and advanced registration before the public and a 10% discount to all Simkin Center Workshops/training
  • PALS Facebook group membership
  • Office Depot copy discount
  • Receive the quarterly PALS Newsletter with valuable content
  • Additional member benefits

Certification packet is available for download for 365 days after purchase (maximum 2 downloads). PALS Certification Packet expires two years from the date of purchase. Your email receipt is the date you use to determine your expiration date. All components of the certification must be completed and the packet must be submitted for review by two years from the date on your confirmation email.

*If you are a member of the BIPOC community and interested in accessing the free membership with PALS, please use code BIPOC20 at checkout*

To renew your membership for additional years, choose the option for PALS Doulas Annual Membership. The purchase of multiple years includes a $5/year discount. Please contact PALS if you have any questions about this product.

The Dual Certification pathway is currently available to certified doulas who are in good standing with their organization. The PALS Board feels strongly that the hard work that goes into the certification process is valid as are the additional elements that make the certification process with PALS relevant to our goals to work towards a social justice framework. The resulting pathway married elements from our current certification process with elements from our recertification process. This pathway is designed to allow certified doulas who are seeking certification within PALS to reach that goal.

Doulas who carry certification from the list of organizations (or a certificate of completion from a community-based training) can apply for dual certification. A full listing can be found here: https://palsdoulas.org/certify/

This includes:

  • Continuing Education Verification Form and documentation totaling 15 hours in the last 3 years
  • *Active (full) membership status with PALS
  • Personal statement essay
  • Birth Verification Forms from three separate Births (can be from births attended prior to purchase of packet)
  • Verification of current certification status/membership (a copy of your most current fee paid – will be verified with the organization)
  • Read the PALS Doulas Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics