2020 Pathway – Certification Packet only


The Certification Pathway is $35 and includes:

Pathway to Certification: Mentored Pathway Packet (A Mentor Doula for one certifying birth who will provide face-to-face, phone, and/or email support, before, during, and after the birth)


Pathway to Certification: Apprentice Pathway (A Preceptor Doula for one client relationship where you accompany them to prenatal and postpartum appointments and provide support during the client’s birth)

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This purchase ONLY includes the certification packet for the mentored/apprentice pathway
• Does NOT include PALS Doulas Membership, which is required to begin the certification pathway
• Pathway to Certification: Mentored/Apprentice Pathway Packet
• A Mentor or Preceptor Doula for one certifying birth who will provide guidance and support through one birth relationship

Certification packet is available for download for 365 days after purchase (maximum 2 downloads). A processing fee of $35 must be paid to review the certification packet. You may purchase that additionally at this time, or at when you submit your packet for review. PALS Certification Packet expires two years from the date of purchase. Your email receipt is the date you use to determine your expiration date. All components of the certification must be complete and the packet must be submitted for review by two years from the date on your confirmation email.

To renew your membership for additional years, choose the option for PALS Doulas Annual Membership. Purchase of multiple years includes a $5/year discount. Please contact PALS if you have any questions about this product.