For 30 years PALS Doulas has been working to advance the doula profession  and create a sustainable community. A key component of this has always been to grow and promote healthy, strong, collaborations with area health care providers.

Every certifying and certified doula with PALS operates under the umbrella of our Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. These practice guidelines came into being due to the positive feedback established in our early years with local providers in and outside of the hospital. This tradition of collaboration and communication continues today with PALS working to keep these practice guidelines current and able to best support the many doulas working with diverse communities and families in the state of Washington.

Birth Center/Hospital Ambassadors

Each hospital has a volunteer ambassador; an individual to whom providers can reach out to by phone or email to share positive feedback. possible areas of growth, as well as concerns. Click the tab below for contact information:

Part of our goal is to grow a strong, collaborative community, and that includes all providers working with childbearing families. If you are interested in becoming a supporting member (open to all non-birth doula birth professionals), please click the link to the right. Supporting members have access to most member benefits (minus client to doula referrals).