Szu-ting Hao


My name is Szu-Ting Hao. I am from Taiwan, and I co-organized a birth doula program with my professor in Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei Taiwan in 2011. I am an experienced nurse with 8 years of progressively responsible experience in various units of the Taipei Veteran’s Hospital (Medical center), and also a registered nurse in New York State. I married and moved to Bellevue in June 2016. In 2018, I took doula training and childbirth educator training again in the U.S. I believe that giving a childbirth just like a big ceremony for every family. Birth experiences also affect families a lot. I hope when the families recall the birthday, they can have lots of sweet memories. I do know how important it is for women during pregnancy with the emotional support and physical comfort, and they make huge differences. I also know how satisfied it is when people had good communication between medical professions and families. With my background and passion for helping expectant parents, I want to devote my time and strength as a little effort to maternity care. As a Doula, my philosophy is to let the laboring person and their family lead the labor and let them have their own wonderful labor and birth story. 

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This doula is a certifying member in good standing with PALS Doulas