Matilda Lindén


I have been a birth doula since 2009, and have served over 140 families during their birth journeys. I believe that every client deserves a personalized approach, and I pay close attention to what every family member’s individual needs are. My goal is to have every client look back at their birth story and feel joy and satisfaction, and I make sure to include the spouse or partner as much as they want to be included.

When working with a laboring mother I am gentle, but firm, and I draw upon my 8 years of experience and knowledge to make labor and birth as smooth as possible with positions, breathing, movements, and different tools. I have experience in a wide variety of births, ranging from homebirths, waterbirths, birth center births, transfers to hospital during labor, unmedicated hospital births, medicated hospital births, inductions, planned and unplanned C-sections, a breech birth, and twin births. I welcome all types of families in my practice.

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(This doula is a certified doula in good standing with PALS Doulas)