Jamie Hunter


Every year on my birth day, my mother would recount my birth story and it always struck me how the emotions, details and words spoken to her, were still so fresh. Even from an early age, I knew that birth mattered and that the experience of giving birth can change how you view yourself and your capabilities forever. Over the past few years, I’ve observed that what impacts a family’s birth experience more than anything, is if they felt respected, supported, empowered and were shown compassion. As a doula, I strive to bring those ideas and emotions into every interaction I have with my clients.

I took the plunge and trained through the Simkin Center in June 2017 and certified with PALS in November 2017 and I now serve North King and Snohomish counties at home, birth center and hospital births. I’m a Washington native who grew up in Snohomish county and I now live in Everett with my husband and our three awesome kids. I love drinking enormous amounts of coffee, trying anything new, cooking, being outside and reading in the bathtub.

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(This doula is a certified doula in good standing with PALS Doulas)