Gwen Kiehne


Like many doulas, I was called to this work after the birth of my own child. I am passionate about being a calming and empowering presence on the labor support team. I believe that laboring people, people giving birth, and people caring for newborn babies are beautiful and powerful and deserving of holistic care so that they can focus completely on their important work. Partners often fill this support role beautifully and partners also need care to be able to fulfill that role in a sustainable way. Having a confident doula in the room to offer encouragement, information, confidence, ideas, and continuous physical support to the laboring person and their family can be an enormous comfort. I am honored to serve families as a certified birth doula, a certified postpartum doula, a certified gentle sleep coach, and a certified lactation educator.

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(This doula is a certified doula in good standing with PALS Doulas)