Chun-Ying (Ellen) Hsu


As a Chinese immigrant living in the United States for 15 plus years, I have had the opportunity to learn about the culture of my new home while offering my services. Before I became a certified doula, I had helped almost 100 births as a state certified interpreter. I provided qualitative communication services between families and healthcare professionals. In becoming a doula, I have the honor to expand my services directly to more patients and their families not only Chinese but others as well. By working directly with them, I take pleasure in seeing the trust and relationship grow among medical professionals, families, and myself. I love to be part of giving and caring team member! In addition to doula work and community outreach, I proactively provide resources to mothers before, during, and after their pregnancy; so that they can be well-supported by the community with less barriers possible. As a doula, I strive to provide the best and genuine services to all my clients and their families. As one of my clients commented, the birth experience with a doula has given her kind of bright memory that sticks in her heart and memory.

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(This doula is a certified doula in good standing with PALS Doulas)