Audi Brown


I am from Louisiana and made Seattle my home 7 years ago. I feel in love with the city and culture. I retired from planning celebrity weddings 7 years ago and decided to focus my training and education in supporting women in various ways. As a doula, spiritual healer, and coach. My doula services are available in the Seattle area within a 1-hour drive radius. My calling to Doula work began 30 years ago as I supported and guided women in my family and my community in their journey to becoming mothers. I am here to help guide and protect your spiritual birth experience for the laboring Mom, Couple, Family. Magic Mama Doula was birthed because my daughter, Jasmine RaShae, said, “Mama, you’re Magic – because I poured love and wisdom into her, her brothers and so many of their friends who I have called my bonus children. We all need a little extra tenderness and care.graphs about you, your practice, why you doula, etc. Please include areas you serve

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This doula is a certifying member in good standing with PALS Doulas through 2/21/2021