Angela Hodge


Childbirth and new parenthood are both a magical and challenging transition in life. I am passionate about assisting parents as they welcome their babies into the world and feel honored every time I witness this transition in the families I serve. I was inspired to become a doula by the birth of my three children. I was fortunate to have a doula present at my births, and they were invaluable during and after labor. The process of pregnancy and birth amazed me and opened a door to a new career I never knew existed before.

I completed the DONA Birth Doula Workshop and the Breastfeeding for Doulas course at Bastyr University in the fall of 2018. I completed the Birth Educator Training with the Great Starts Organization in the spring of 2019 and am available for private birth classes. I also have a strong interest in birth photography. Every birth is completely different and special in its own way. As a doula, I love the remarkable differences in each birth story, and hope to encourage parents to trust in themselves and the birth process.

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(This doula is a certifying doula in good standing with PALS Doulas)