Recertification Process

PALS certification is valid for three years. Every three years thereafter, recertification is required to remain a PALS certified doula. Below is our recertification process.

Requirements for Recertification

  1. Download the free PALS Application for Recertification.
  2. Verify your membership is valid by contacting PALS. Membership must be continuous to maintain certification.
  3. Document attendance at three births in the three years prior to recertification and complete a PALS Doulas Birth Verification Form for each birth.
  4. Obtain a minimum of 15 contact hours of Continuing Education in the Maternal-Child Health Field from the three years prior to recertification and submit documentation.
  5. Submit your Personal Statement Essay outlining the following information:
    • Approximately how many births have you attended?
    • How active have you been as a doula in the last three years?
    • How do you uphold the PALS Doulas Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in your work?
    • Have you attended PALS events in the last three years (e.g. Advanced Doula Trainings, Membership Meetings, or Annual Meetings/Conferences)?
  6. Submit a $35.00 Recertification Packet Processing fee to PALS along with your packet, or use the button below to pay now.