Hospital Ambassador description. For more information or to apply, email

The role of Hospital Ambassador exists as a branch of the PALS Hospital Outreach Committee. The Vision of the committee is “to forge connections with the greater birth community and our fellow colleagues, providers, and nurses”. The Mission is “to educate the provider community about doulas in general, and PALS as an organization, as well as to address mutual concerns and facilitate healthy dialogue”.

Hospital Ambassadors should be experienced doulas, with a demonstrated history of commitment to the greater doula community. Ambassadors should be able to effectively practice non-violent communication and hold an understanding of healthy boundaries, as well as being personable, approachable, and welcoming. Ambassadors should demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills and have an openness to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.

Ambassador Requirements:

  • Must be a DONA or PALS certified doula
  • Must be active within the doula community and have a demonstrated history of commitment 
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills, and be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism
  • Possess reflective listening and problem-solving skills
  • Be personable, approachable and welcoming 
  • Understand the term of service for a PALS Hospital Ambassador is 3 years
    • Year 1- Establishing a hospital relationship
    • Year 2- Maintaining and improving relationships
    • Year 3- Recommitting or transitioning a new ambassador
  • If the term cannot be completed, the Ambassador Lead and/or the Volunteer Coordinator must be notified immediately. A 2-month notice is required and Ambassador must facilitate in transitioning their successor. 
  • Upon completing the term, Ambassador must turn over all documents and information acquired during the term to Ambassador Lead or Volunteer Coordinator