Research shows that doulas improve key maternal-infant outcomes
The birth of your baby is a day you will remember in great detail for the rest of your life
Find a doula who is knowledgable and professional and with whom you are comfortable

What is a PALS Doula?

Founded in Seattle in 1989 the Pacific Association of Labor Support, or PALS Doulas was created as an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the advancement of the doula profession. It is honored to be  the oldest membership organization in the doula community founded by locals Penny Simkin and Annie Kennedy, et al. In addition, PALS operates and certifies doulas in the Puget Sound region; working hand in hand with the community and local healthcare providers to educate families about the benefits of doula support.

View a complete list of all the PALS Certified & Certifying Doulas, with detailed website and email provided for you to contact directly.

For personalized assistance in finding a doula, please call the PALS Referral Line at 206-329-7257 or email PALS Doulas.

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