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NWDC Workshop- Balancing the Quest for Perfection in Birth and New Parenthood

October 27, 2019


Balancing the Quest for Perfection in Birth and New Parenthood

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Learn ways to help parents develop the skills to navigate the messy, wild, and unpredictable moments of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood

In this workshop, we will explore the quest for perfection permeating contemporary culture and the ways this ideal influences giving birth today. From social media to the availability of encyclopedic levels of information at our fingertips, the illusion that perfection is attainable and strived for weaves its way into birth and new parenthood in unhelpful and often challenging ways. As birth and postpartum professionals, we have the opportunity to support new parents in embracing the unbidden, wily, and wildly imperfect expressions of humanity that confront them along the journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

October 27th ~ 10am-4pm ~ Phinney Center Community Hall

THIS TICKET DOES NOT INCLUDE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION! To register for a workshop and the conference, go HERE


October 27, 2019


PALS/NAPS Co-event