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FAQ for Doulas

1. What trainings are approved toward PALS certification?

– Simkin Center for Allied Birth at Bastyr University

– Big Belly Services

– DONA International

– Childbirth International (in-person training only)


– SMC Full Circle Doula Training

– Barefoot Doctor’s Academy

– Open Arms Perinatal Services: HealthConnect One Community Based Doula Training

– Ancient Song Full Spectrum Birth Doula Training

-Birth Arts International (in-person training only)

2. What are the costs?

– $50 annual membership (must be renewed annually while certifying and to maintain certification status)

– $35 certification packet purchase

– $35 certification packet processing fee, when turning in your completed certification packet for review

– $30 supporting membership – for non-birth doulas

3. How do I become a PALS-certified doula?

– Attend an approved training

– Pay for annual membership and a certification packet

– Complete requirements in the certification packet

– Submit completed certification packet with $35 processing fee

4. How long does it take to get certified?

Generally certification takes about a year from start to finish. You will work at your own pace on the certification requirements, so the speed at which you finish really depends on the time you make available to get it done. The piece that tends to take longest for doulas is attending qualifying births.

5. How do I get clients?

– Certified doulas receive referrals from emails and phone calls that come directly to PALS

– Certified and certifying doulas in our mentorship program have profiles on our website for people who come directly to our website.

– Attend Open Arms Perinatal Services orientation to learn more about getting referrals for their clients.

– Network with other doulas at PALS and other birth professional meetings. Becoming a back-up is a great way to gain experience.

– allows you to create a profile for expectant families to view.

– Doulas in our mentorship program receive referrals from several local organizations and facilities seeking low-cost doulas for their clients. Please let our mentor lead know if you would like to be added to this referral system.