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Training Organizations

The following organizations have trainings that are PALS-approved for certification. Organizations that have an asterisk(*) alongside the title require their IN-PERSON training only to attain PALS certification. At this time, an online doula training cannot replace the valuable skills and experiences that a hands-on workshop can provide for such an immensely hands-on profession. Please check with our certification chair prior to selecting a training to make sure you understand the full process for the organization you are considering.

Simkin Center at Bastyr University

Big Belly Services

DONA International

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)

SMC Full Circle Doula Training 

Childbirth International (CBI)*

Barefoot Doctors’ Academy

Open Arms Perinatal Services: HealthConnect One Community Based Doula Training

Ancient Song Full Spectrum Birth Doula Training

Birth Arts International (BAI)*