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This is a brief overview of our certification process and does not cover the details of certification. The Certification Packet contains thorough explanations for each requirement. Certifying births must be attended after purchasing the Certification Packet and after attending a PALS-approved Birth Doula Skills Workshop.
We recommend purchasing your certification packet when you are ready to actively work towards certification, as packets expire two years from the date of purchase.
Visit our store to purchase your certification packet.

  1. Attend a PALS-approved Birth Doula Skills Workshop. Completed certification packet must be submitted within four years of the completion date of the workshop
  2. Be a current PALS member – $50 per year
  3. Purchase the Certification Packet – $35, includes being matched with a mentor for one birth
  4. Complete and return the Mentorship Matching forms to the Mentorship Lead
  5. Document training or experience in basic childbirth education
  6. Submit self-assessments of three births you have attended as the Primary Doula after your Birth Doula Skills Workshop and purchasing your packet, that demonstrate collectively all elements from the Birth Doula Skills Checklist
  7. Submit two PALS Doulas Data Collection Forms for each of the three births documented in the self-assessments
  8. Submit a positive Evaluation of Labor Support form from each client and care provider for each of the three births you wrote about in your self-assessments
  9. Submit a Birth Doula Skills Checklist for each of the certifying births
  10. Complete the Required Experiences
  11. Submit two professional or peer recommendations from a PALS or DONA Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator, Midwife, OB, RN, or other childbirth professional
  12. Submit a one-page essay describing the purpose and value of labor support, your goals as a doula, and your anticipated participation with PALS Doulas
  13. Submit documentation of four hours of Continuing Education in Maternal-Child Health and complete the Continuing Education Verification Form
  14. Sign the bottom of the Application for PALS Birth Doula Certification form acknowledging your agreement to abide by the PALS Doulas Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  15. Complete the mentoring self-evaluation and program evaluation forms
  16. Documentation of attendance at one PALS Board meeting or two PALS community gatherings
  17. Submit $35 Certification Packet Review Fee with completed certification packet
  18. Have an interview with the certification committee.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  • Scholarships may be available through Open Arms Perinatal Services. Contact OAPS at (206) 723-6868.
  • If your packet will expire or has expired, you may request a one-time, six-month extension added onto the original date by sending a letter and including a $10 fee to PALS. After the six-month extension, if you do not complete the process, you will be required to purchase another certification packet, and be required to start the process over.
  • You must complete your certification requirements within four years of attending an approved Birth Doula Skills Workshop. A one-time, six-month extension might be possible. Send a letter to PALS Doulas with your request.

If you need accommodations to complete the certification requirements, please contact PALS. Accommodation options may include, but are not limited to: In-person interview, interviews with clients or care providers, and/or alternate forms of documentation.