V olunteers are the heart and soul of PALS Doulas. We are an all-volunteer organization. We are always looking to offer more to our members – more training, more opportunities for networking, more benefits! Volunteers like you make that possible.

Below are current volunteers working within our various programs. If you see something that interests you, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about what the position entails. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at a future PALS event.

Executive Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Certification
President – Mariah Falin
Vice President – Jamie Hunter
Secretary – Rebekah Gilley
Treasurer – Janiece Collopy
Certification – Barrie Rein Thunemann
Board Members at Large- Amber Hohl, Anna Linares, Barbara Decker (on hiatus), Gabby Jones, Jen Hamilton

Past President Advisor – Tiffany Guenther

Please email a brief letter of intent to info@palsdoulas.org if you are interested in joining the Board of Directors. You do not need to be a doula to be on the Board of Directors. Board meetings are held once a month.

Program Leads and Members
Administration Team
– Switchboard and Referral Lead: Jason King
– Bookkeeper: Dorothy Landeen
– Membership and Renewal Lead: Kate Lindberg
– Certification Processor: Mariah Falin
– Care Provider Outreach (Hospital Ambassador) Lead: Open
     Team members: Kim James, Rebekah Gilley,  Barb Decker, Laura Vilage
– Certification Committee Lead: Barrie Rein Thunemann
     Team members: Tiffany Guenther, Melinda Ferguson, Mariah Falin
– Communications Lead: Charlene Hamilton
– Continuing Education (Advanced Doula Training) Lead: Jamie Hutner
– Doula Community Outreach (Monthly Meetings) : Gabby Jones
– Marketing Lead: Mariah Falin, Charlene Hamilton
– Membership and Renewal Lead: Kate Lindberg
– Mentorship Program Lead: Barbara Decker | Tiffany Guenter (interim)
         Team members: Lynn Lambie, Kim James, Melinda FergusonMariah Falin, Gwen Dupree, Carrie Kenner, Laurie Ufer, Susie Bordner, and Tiffany Guenther
– Northwest Doula Conference Lead: Charlene Hamilton and Jen Hamilton
– PALS Promoters (Bastyr speakers) Co-leads: Rebekah Gilley, Janiece Collopy
     Team members: Mariola Klein, Rebekah Gilley, Janiece Collopy, Barbara Decker
– REC (Race Equity Committee) Lead: Jen Hamilton
     Team members: 
– Volunteer Coordinator: Amber Hohl
– Website Editor: Mariah Falin | Charlene Hamilton
– Welcome Doula: