UPDATE: 4/27

In response:

PALS is an organization committed to centering equity. We believe that every person has the right to be treated fairly and with dignity in each space they occupy. We stand in solidarity with the Midwifery Equality Coalition, specifically in regard to their concerns and demands where RVM/RVCC is concerned. We uphold that voices from communities traditionally marginalized by this country’s white supremacist culture—in this case those of Black, Brown, Indigenous and other People of Color along with our siblings in the larger LGBTQIA+ community—must be elevated in order to change this broken system. We are an organization currently doing our own ongoing work. We stand with all people possessing the courage to speak truth to power. 
The 2021 PALS Doulas Board of Directors

Received 3/19:
Good Afternoon Community Leaders and organizations, 
We want to introduce ourselves, the Midwifery Equity Coalition. In response to the rampant Anti-Black racism, transphobia, interpersonal violence, and hazing culture within midwifery, the Midwifery Equity Coalition was formed. Our mission is to help foster safe midwifery spaces for ALL people. 
Recently, numerous community members came forward with narratives of harm that they have endured at the hands of RVM/RVCC. These community members are former staff, students, and contractors who identify as BIPOC and/or gender diverse. The attached community letter calls out and names the harm caused to BIPOC former staff, students, contractors, board members, and by extension, the Rainier Valley and Greater South Seattle community. 

We are calling on you, our community leaders and organization, to support our demands and hold RVM/RVCC accountable. We seek your support to help make changes to protect BIPOC and LGBTQIA/Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary people and dismantle the oppressive practices that uphold the current systems in place. 
Please join us in solidarity! We are asking our community leaders to send a letter of support for our demands to the South Seattle Women’s Health Foundation Board of Directors (bod@myrvcc.org) and/or sign our signature form
Thank you for your time and support as we work to equitably serve the people of Rainier Valley and the Greater Seattle areas!
The Midwifery Equity Coalition