You may have noticed that many of the images used on the PALS Doulas website reflect Black, Brown, and people/families of Color. This does not mirror the diversity of the doulas of PALS. This does not represent the bulk of the families that they serve in our local community. This is one step that we have chosen to align with positive images of Black, Brown, and people/families of color. Maternal and Infant death rates for Black, Brown, and families of Color are devastating in the United States of America due to the pandemic of institutional racism and white supremacy prevalent in our society. (Overall pregnancy related mortality in the United States occurs at an average rate of 17.2 deaths per 100,000 live births. However, that number jumps to 43.5/100,000 for non-Hispanic Black women and decreases to 12.7/100,000 for non-Hispanic white women and 11/100,000 for Hispanic women. This is just as often reflected in visual representation by more often using photos of white families and white babies that show happy, healthy infants and two-family parents as the norm.

You have probably seen some of these images before. You may have seen them on other websites or in other marketing. Availability and access to positive images Black, Brown and People of Color is increasing, but still in short supply. All images have been purchased from stock photo websites.