PALS Doulas recognizes that information and guidance are changing daily on how the public and healthcare workers navigate the current pandemic advisories. We encourage all members and doulas in the community to review those recommendations, evaluate their practice and identify what/how their business practices may need to change. We are encouraging doulas to use virtual connection methods for all regular in-person contacts prior to and after birth where appropriate and comfortable. (Please visit for a list of free virtual meeting platforms) 

Our goal is to support alldoulas as they identify how to balance supporting clients and maintaining healthy boundaries. We understand that doulas may need assistance connecting with backup if they need to step back from in-person labor support, because of illness, immunocompromised or to protect their immediate circle. PALS will be reaching out to all members to help curate a list of doulas interested in providing backup (click here for the GoogleForms link: 

Once the list has been created, an email with available doulas will be emailed back out to those members who wish to be included.