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UW medicine limits labor support

11.24.20 UPDATE: Sign the Overlake petition!

Overlake Medical Center and Clinics
ATTN: Patient Relations
ATTN: Sandy Salmon – Director of Women’s and Infants’ Services
ATTN: J. Michael Marsh-CEO
1035 116th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Dear Overlake Administration, We are writing to express our deep disappointment and concern about the updated visitor policy announced, Monday, 11.24.2020. In that policy obstetric patients are limited to one support person. I, as a laboring person, now have to choose between my primary support/partner and the presence of the doula I fired to support our family through this time of transition. NO other hospital system in the greater Seattle area have barred doulas from serving their clients during this pandemic. We believe that these policy changes will negatively impact the most vulnerable populations as doula work is social justice work.

Governor Jay Inslee, in his March 23, 2020 proclamation, designated doulas as essential health workers in the Healthcare/Public Health Sector Profile, bullet 2:

• Health care providers and caregivers (e.g., physicians, dentists, psychologists, mid-level
practitioners, nurses and assistants, infection control and quality assurance personnel, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists and assistants, midwives and DOULAS
(emphasis added) attending facility-based or home-based births, alternative healthcare
providers, social workers, speech pathologists and diagnostic and therapeutic technicians
and technologists).

We applaud and thank you for your dedication to protecting the lives of healthcare workers and the public. Our doula, as a fellow essential worker, understands the seriousness of COVID19, as do we. We also know that World Health Organization supports the rights of birthing families to have a companion of choice in labor, stating a companion of choice “can bridge gaps between a woman in labor and the healthcare workers around her, offer massage or hand-holding to help relieve pain, and provide reassurance to help her feel in control.” Our doula is our companion of choice. In this current environment, we lack the extended family and community support we would have otherwise would have had access to. Research supports the positive impact of doulas. We are well aware that denying us, and other birthing families access, to the support of our choosing has the potential to negatively impact birth outcomes, immediate and long-term. The stress of this policy change is currently negatively impacting us, and certainly other families. Nationally, an estimated 6% of birthing families choose doula support (Listening to Mothers Survey, 2018), though locally we estimate that number to be 2-2.5x higher. In 2019, 3,537 deliveries took place at Overlake ( 2019 Preliminary
Delivery Statistics). Even at 6%, that equates to 212 doula supported births at Overlake. 212 doula supported births seems like a small number relative to control of the pandemic but means everything to our family. As a patient of Overlake, I urgently request that you revise your visitor policy for Obstetrics patients to include professional labor support. Sincerely,

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The Research on Doulas

The jury has been back on the positive impact of doulas on birth satisfaction and improved outcomes for 30+ years. From research articles, scholarly reviews, recommendations from ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) as well current pregnancy and parent magazines, doulas are here to stay. Check out what they have to say. 

The PALS Difference

PALS is the original doula organization dedicated to the development of the professional doula. Our goal is to doula you on your professional path and connect you with a rich and diverse community for ongoing support and skill development.

For other birth professionals, being a PALS Doula means community, development, and accountability to our organizational guidelines.

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PALS Doulas (formerly the Pacific Association of Labor Support) have been supporting birthing families in the community since 1989. We continue that tradition by connecting you with our many available certified and certifying doulas.

All doulas listed on this website are members in good standing with current, active certification or pursing certification with PALS Doulas. 

“While the doula probably knows more than the partner about birth, hospitals and maternity care, the partner knows more about the birthing person’s personality, likes, dislikes and needs. Moreover, the partner loves the birthing person more than anyone else there. The combination of partner and doula, along with a caring staff gives the birthing person the best chance of an optimal outcome.” 

-Penny Simkin, author of The Birth Partner

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We are committed to removing barriers to and increasing accessibility to membership and certification with PALS Doulas for ALL Doulas in Washington State regardless of training organizations; as such we offer a variety of full and partial scholarships. Click below to apply or to donate in support of PALS Doulas. As a 501(c)6 organization we are sustained through the support of our members (via membership and certification fees) and generous support of community members. 

Years Strong!

“Only with trust, faith, and support can the birthing person allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower them. Thier strongest feelings [in terms of their birthings], positive and negative, focus on the way they were treated by their caregivers.”

-Penny Simkin and Annie Kennedy, PALS Founders

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If we improve birth today, future generations will thrive!  EVERY SINGLE BIRTHING PERSON is deserving of respect, care and unconditional support.

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1 in 7 Women

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The prognosis for recovery is excellent with a combination of support, therapy and/or medications. Perinatal Support of Washington connects families with psychotherapists, support groups, providers to oversee medication management, and doulas.

1-888-404-7763 Warm line/Se Habla Espanol


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